solo exhibitions


Dark Space Where Things Cannot Be Put
MUAC, Mexico City
(ME, 1 October 2021-27 February 2022, curated by Virginia Roy)


The Magician & the Surgeon
Bozar, Brussels
(BE, 12 March-1 November 2020)


Figments & Fragments
Pori Art Museum, Pori
(FI, 22 September 2017-25 February 2018, curated by Anni Venäläinen)


Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon
(PT, 10 March-16 June 2016, curated by Caroline Dumalin)


WIELS, Brussels
(BE, 12 September-14 December 2014, curated by Dirk Snauwaert)


Generali Foundation, Vienna
(AT, 3 September-12 December 2010, curated by Sabine Folie)

K21, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
(DE, 27 February-18 July 2010, curated by Doris Krystof)


Sprengel Museum, Hannover
(DE, 13 April-7 September 2008, curated by Inka Schube)


argos centre for art and media, Brussels
(BE, 6 February-10 March 2007)


daadgalerie, Berlin
(DE, 23 September-4 November 2006, curated by Friedrich Meschede)

Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen
(DE, 26 January-27 April 2006, curated by Gabriele Mackert)


DeSingel, International Arts Campus, Antwerp
(BE, 8 November 2005)


Dia Art Foundation, New York
(US, web project, launched 2 December 2004, curated by Lynne Cooke & Sara Tucker)

Roomade, Brussels
(BE, 15 till 24 October 2004)


Het Kabinet, Ghent
(BE, 22 November 2003-18 January 2004)


Etablissement d’en face, Brussels
(BE, edition project, 27 September- 11 November 2002)


Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
(BE, 15 September-5 November 2000, curated by Piet Coessens)


Theater aan het Spui/Stroom hcbk, Den Haag
(NL, 9 till 22 May 1995)


Royal Palace, Antwerp
(BE, Antwerp93, Cultural Capital of Europe, 21 May-11 June 1993)

selected group exhibitions and screenings


Communicating Vessels. Collection 1881-2021
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
(ES, opening on 26 November 2021)

I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha
(USA, 9 December 2021–19 March 2022, curated by Sylvie Fortin)

Art With a View, 25 Years Proximus Art Collection
Proximus Towers, Brussels
(BE, 18 September-19 December 2021, curated by Joost Declerq)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten (Cycle of Trifles) (screening)
(DE, 23 October 2021, curated by Stephan Ahrens, followed by a Q&A with the artist)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten (Cycle of Trifles) (screening)
Cinematek, Brussels
(BE, 20 November 2021, curated by Cinematek, with an introduction by the artist)

Bruges Triennial, The Porous City
Poortersloge, Bruges
(BE, 8 May-26 September 2021, curated by Till-Holger Borchert, Michel Dewilde, Santiago De Waele and Els Wuyts)


Quinto do Quetzal
(PT, 15 June 2020-10 May 2021, curated by Aveline de Bruin)

Playground 14
Museum M, Leuven
(BE, 19-22 November 2020, curated by Eva Wittocx and Lore Boon) (cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Wir irren
Klarafestival/Bozar, Brussels
(BE, 6 and 7 October 2020)

Female artists discover the “collection Kortenberg”
Cera, Leuven
(BE, 24 February-28 August 2020)

Wir irren
deSingel, Antwerp
(BE, 18 February 2020)


Le petit cercle bruxellois
Institut de Carton, Brussels
(BE, 19 April-30 November 2019, curated by Institut de Carton)

Art & Diplomacy, works from the Art Collection of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Egmont Palace, Brussels
(BE, 22 July-30 August 2019, curated by Ilse Dauwe)

Collection presentation
Mu.ZEE, Ostend
(BE, 6 April-6 September 2019, curated by Ilse Roosens)

“Contemporary Art in the Collection”
K21-Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
(DE, 7 September 2018-6 September 2019, curated by Doris Krystof)


Power of Language
Museum der Moderne, Salzburg
(AT, 20 October 2018-7 April 2019, curated by Antonia Lotz)

The Liar’s Cloth
Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam
(NL, 22 February-7 April 2018, curated by Nathanja Van Dijk)

Voici des Fleurs
La Loge, Brussels
(BE, 19 April-30 June 2018, curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz)

Akarova/Baugniet, L’entre deux-guerres
La Loge, Brussels
(BE, 23 May 2018, curated by Laura Herman & Anne-Claire Schmitz)

Different venues, Worpswede
(DE, 24 June-4 November 2018, curated by Jörg van den Berg)

“Contemporary Art in the Collection”
K21-Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
(DE, 7 September 2018-6 September 2019, curated by Doris Krystof)


Power and Other Things
Bozar, Brussels
(BE, 18 October 2017-21 January 2018, curated by Riksa Afiaty and Charles Esche)

What Are the Clouds?
Kunstgebäude, Stuttgart
(DE, 18 November 2017-4 March 2018, curated by Iris Dressler and Christine Peters)

Open House IASPIS, Stockholm
(SE, 22 September 2017)

Contour Biennial 8, Mechelen
(BE, 11 March-21 May 2017, curated by Natasha Ginwala)

Still Point of the Turning World: Between Film and Photography
Fomu, Antwerp
(BE, 23 June-8 October 2017, curated by David Campany and Joachim Naudts)

“Artist’s publications, the Belgian Contribution”
Maurice Verbaet Art Center, Antwerp
(BE, 15 September-5 November 2017, Antwerp, curated by Johan Pas)


BXL Universel
Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels
(BE, 20 October 2016-26 March 2017, curated by Carine Fol)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten, (Cycle of Trifles), screening
Cinematek, Brussels
(BE, 23 November 2016, chosen by Le P’tit Ciné and Cobra Films)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten (Cycle of Trifles), screening
KASKcinema, Ghent
(BE, 6 December 2016, chosen by Steven Jacobs)


The Importance of Being
Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
(BR, 16 December 2015-14 February 2016, curated by Sara Alonso)

Picture X, Proximus Art Collection
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, Belgium
(BE, 28 June-10 October 2015)

Et in Arcadia Ego—World Chaos and Idyll
Museum Kurhaus Kleve
(DE, 10 July-20 September 2015, curated by Harald Kunde, Susanne Figner)

Beyond Words
M HKA, Extra Muros
(BE, 2 April-25 April 2015)

The Importance of Being
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(AR, 17 July-4 October 2015, curated by Sara Alonso)

Parasophia, Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture
(JP, 7 March-10 May 2015, curated by Shinji Kohmoto)

The Importance of Being
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba
(CU, 13 February-26 April 2015, curated by Sara Alonso)


Cinema Remake, Art & Film
EYE, Amsterdam
(NL, 22 March-1 June 2014, curated by Jaap Guldemond & Marente Bloemheuvel)

Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
(JP, 22 April-1 June 2014, curated by Chinatsu Makiguchi)

six memos for the next…
Magazin4, Kunstverein, Bregenz
(AT, 13 June-24 August 2014, curated by Wolfgang Fetz & Jörg Van den Berg)

1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
(CO, 7 February-7 April 2014, curated by Berta Sichel)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten, (Cycle of Trifles), screening
Cinematek, Brussels
(BE, 21 November 2014, in the context of my solo exhibition Echolalia at WIELS )


ACCA, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
(AU, 20 December 2013-2 March 2014, curated by Juliana Engberg)

Conversation Piece
Mu.ZEE, Ostend
(BE, 14 December 2013-29 June 2014, curated by Mieke Mels & Phillip Van den Bossche)

The Way of the Shovel, Art as Archaeology
MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
(USA, 9 November 2013-9 March 2014, curated by Dieter Roelstraete)

Against Method
Generali Foundation, Vienna
(AT, 13 September-22 December 2013, curated by Gertrud Sandqvist)

Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
(JP, 7 September-27 October 2013, curated by Chinatsu Makiguchi)

The Collection as a Character, Collection XXXIII
M HKA, Antwerp
(BE, 7 June-6 October 2013, curated by Anders Kreuger and Nav Haq)

Bazaar Belgie
Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels
(BE, 28 June-6 October 2013, curated by Claude Blondeel)

Sharjah Biennial 11
(UAE, 13 March-13 May 2013, curated by Yuko Hasegawa)


Appropriation 3
Fotogalerie, Vienna
(AT, 17 December 2012-26 January 2013)

Lo Bueno y lo Malo
Galeria Nara Roesler, Sao Paulo
(BR, 1 September-3 November 2012, curated by Patrick Charpenel)

Manifesta 9, The Deep of the Modern, Genk
(BE, 1 June-30 September 2012, curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina, Katerina Gregos and Dawn Ades)

BOOKSHOWBOOKSHOP, Belgian Artist’s Books
Be-Part, Waregem
(BE, 15 April-10 June 2012, curated by Johan Pas and Vaast Colson)


Big Picture (Zeitzonen/Time Zones)
K21, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
(DE, 9 December 2011- 1 April 2012, curated by Doris Krystof)

Masterpieces in MAS. Five Centuries of Imagery in Antwerp
MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)” Antwerp
(BE, 17 May 2011-31 December 2012, curated by Bart De Baere, Nico Van Hout and Iris Cockelberghs)


ABC-Contemporary Art in Belgium
Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing
(FR, 9 October-30 December 2010, curated by Dominique Païni, Pascale Pronnier)

Demain vous n’y penserez plus
Galerie Art & Essai, Rennes
(Fr, 29 April-6 June 2010, curated by Marion Hohlfeldt)

Break Even
International Film Festival Rotterdam
(NL, 27 January-7 February 2010, curated by Edwin Carels)

The State of Things, Brussels/Beijing.
NAMOC, Beijing
(CN, 30 April-1 June 2010, curated by Luc Tuymans, Fan Di’an and Ai Weiwei)


The State of Things. Brussels/Beijing
Bozar, Center for Fine Arts, Brussels
(BE, 17 October 2009-10 January 2010, curated by Luc Tuymans, Fan Di’an and Ai Weiwei)

Time Festival/Time is a Book
(BE, November 2009, curated by Els Dietvorst and Dirk Braeckman)

Jeugdzonde / Over opus één en opus min één
Hedah, Centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Maastricht
(NL, 5 September-3 October 2009, curated by Ulrike Lindmayer)

A Story of the Image
National Museum of Singapore
(SG, 13 August-31 October 2009, curated by Bart De Baere, Paul Huvenne, Dieter Roelstraete and Herwig Todts)

A Story of the Image
Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
(CN, 30 April-21 June 2009, curated by Bart De Baere, Paul Huvenne, Dieter Roelstraete and Herwig Todts)

Vérité Exposée – About Memory
Ernst Museum/Mucsarnok, Kunsthalle Budapest
(HU, 10 April-31 May 2009, curated by Kati Simon)

Jeugdzonde / Over opus één en opus min één
LLS 387, Ruimte voor actuele kunst, Antwerp
(BE, 19 March-30 May 2009, curated by Ulrike Lindmayer)


Un Coup de Dés, Writing Turned Image. An Alphabet of Pensive Language
Generali Foundation, Vienna
(AT, 18 September-23 November 2008, curated by Sabine Folie)

Peripheral Vision and Collective Body
Museion, Bolzano
(IT, 24 May-21 September 2008, curated by Corinne Diserens)


Talking Pictures
K21, Düsseldorf
(DE, 18 August-4 November 2007, curated by Doris Krystof)

Projection Project II
Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest
(HU, 23 June-26 August 2007, curated by Mark Kremer, in collaboration with Edwin Carels, Dieter Roelstraete)

Research and Invention
Fotomuseum, Winterthur
(CH, 2 June-19 August 2007, curated by Thomas Seelig)

A Story of the Image
MuHKA, Antwerp
(BE, 1 June-19 August 2007, curated by Bart De Baere, Dieter Roelstraete and Herwig Todts)

Übergangsräume/Potential Spaces
Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
(DE, 17 May-12 August 2007, curated by Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler)

Borderline Behaviour
tent., Rotterdam
(NL, 25 January-18 March 2007, curated by Edwin Carels)

“Time Frames, films by photographers & visual artists
MuHKA_media, Antwerp
(BE, 7, 14, 21, 28 January 2007, curated by Edwin Carels)


Projection Project
MuHKA, Antwerp
(BE, 15 December 2006-15 February 2007, curated by Mark Kremer, Edwin Carels, Dieter Roelstraete)

Sonambiente II
different venues, Berlin
(DE, 1 June-16 July 2006, curated by Georg Weckwerth)


Photo Based & French Art in the Collection
MuHKA, Antwerp
(BE, 27 September-13 November 2005)

Belgian Photographers 1840-2005
FotoMuseum, Antwerp
(BE, 24 June-19 September 2005, curated by Inge Henneman)

The Web as a Work of Art
Victoria University’s Vuspace gallery, Melbourne
(AU, 20 July-10 August 2005, curated by Michelle Mantsio)

Visionary Belgium
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
(BE, 4 March-15 May 2005, curated by Harald Szeemann)

Screen Tests
Dutch Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
(NL, 22 January-6 March 2005, curated by Edwin Carels)


Dedicated to a Proposition
Extra City, Antwerp
(BE, 20 November 2004-20 February 2005, curated by Wim Peeters)

Nuits d’été
FRAC Lorraine, Metz
(FR, 11 June-15 August 2004, curated by Béatrice Josse)

Duo Track, Language and Image
De Buren, argos extra-muros, Brussels
(BE, 25 June-11 July 2004, curated by Paul Willemsen)

Short Stories
FotoMuseum, Antwerp
(BE, 20 March-31 May 2004, curated by Inge Henneman)


Once upon a Time, a Look at Art in Belgium in the Nineties
MuHKA, Antwerp
(BE, 20 December 2003-29 February 2004, curated by Guillaume Bijl)

Réalités, Collections without Frontiers II
Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
(PO, 15 September-16 November 2003, curated by Agnieszka Morawinska, Hanna Wroblewska)


ForwArt, a Choice
different venues, Brussels
(BE, 27 September-11 November 2002, curated by Lynne Cooke, Chris Dercon, Robert Fleck, Hans-Ulrich Obrist)

Uncertain Signs-True Stories
Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
(DE, 21 April-16 June 2002, curated by Angelika Stepken)

Film Festival of the European Union
different venues, Praha/Brno
(CZ, 7-26 March 2002)


9th Biennial of Moving Images
Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais, Geneva
(CH, 2-11 November 2001)

Ciphers & Letters
hARTware, Dortmund
(DE, 2 March-8 April 2001, curated by Iris Dressler, Hans D. Christ)

Exploding Cinema, Cinema without Walls
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
(NL, 24 January-4 February 2001, curated by Chris Dercon)

Magnetic North
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
(US, October 2000, curated by Jenny Lion)


9e Festival Filmer à Tout Prix, Cinéma des Réalités
different venues, Brussels
(BE, 21-30 november 2000)

International Festival Filmforum Arsenals
different venues, Riga
(LV, 16-24 September 2000)

Tous le temps/Every Time, 2nd Montreal Biennial
Palais du Commerce, Montreal
(CA, 28 September-29 October 2000, curated by Peggy Gale)


13e Rencontres Cinématographiques, une Certaine Idée du Cinéma
Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing
(FR, 3-12 December 1999, curated by Jacques Déniel)

Belluard Bollwerk International 1
different venues, Fribourg
(CH, 25 June-10 July 1999, curated by Cis Bierinckx)

23th International Film Festival of Sao Paulo
(BR, 15-28 October 1999)

4th International Festival of New Film, Split (grand prix)
(HR, 25 September-2 October 1999)

5th Viewpoint Film Festival, Ghent
(BE, 3-10 March 1999, curated by Cis Bierinckx)

28th International Film Festival, Rotterdam (in competition for Tiger Award)
(NL, 27 January-7 February 1999, curated by Simon Field)

Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten, Austrian premiere
Filmcasino, Vienna
14 March 1999


The Art of Trying
Cinemateca Portugesa, Lisbon
(PT, 24 September-1 October 1998, curated by Edwin Carels)

Schieve Cinema Ana Torfs & Boris Lehman
Cinema Nova, Brussels
(BE, 22-23 September 1998)

5th KunstenFestivaldesArts
different venues, Brussels
(BE, 9-30 May 1998, curated by Frie Leysen)

Festival aan de Werf
different venues, Utrecht
(BE, 22-31 May 1998)


Inside the Visible
Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
(AU, 12 February-6 April 1997, curated by Catherine de Zegher)


Inside the Visible
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
(UK, 11 October-8 December 1996, curated by Catherine de Zegher)

5e Biennale Internationale du Film sur l’Art
Centre Pompidou, Paris
(FR, 16-21 October 1996)

Sonambiente I
different venues, Berlin
(DE, 9 August-8 September 1996, curated by Georg Weckwerth)

Inside the Visible
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
(US, 31 January-12 May 1996, curated by Catherine de Zegher)

Foro Artistico, Hannover
(DE, 12 January-4 February 1996, curated by Axel Bohse)


3e Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon
(FR, 20 December 1995-18 February 1996, curated by Thierry Prat, Thierry Raspail, Georges Rey)

6th International Video Week
Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais, Geneva
(CH, 3-11 November 1995, curated by André Iten)

Viper, International Festival for Film, Video and New Media
different venues, Luzern
(CH, 25-29 October 1995, curated by Conny E. Voester)

Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais, Geneva
(CH, 26 April-2 June 1995, curated by André Iten)

Kinekunst I
Casino, Knokke
(BE, 24-27 May 1995)

IMZ Opera Screen
Opera National de Lyon
(FR, June 1995)


18th Festival International du Film d’Art
Maison de l’Unesco, Paris
(FR, 17-29 November 1994)

Exhibition of finalists of “jeune peinture belge”
Palais des Beaux-Arts (bozar), Brussels
(BE, 9 September-9 November 1994)

6th Videonale
Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn
(DE, 14-18 September 1994

15th Video Art Festival
different venues, Locarno
(CH, September 1994)

International Filmfestival of Brussels
different venues, Brussels
(BE, 12-24 January 1994)


Film+Arc 1
different venues, Graz
(AT, 2-5 December 1993)

5th International Video Week
Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais, Geneva
(CH, 29 October-6 November 1993, curated by André Iten)

IMZ Dance Screen
Alte Oper, Frankfurt
(DE, June 1993)


9th World Wide Video Festival
Den Haag, Kijkhuis
(NL, 29 September-3 October 1990, curated by Tom Van Vliet)


Multimediale 1, Video Art, the New Generation
ZKM, Karlsruhe
(DE, 30 October-4 November 1989, curated by Stefan Sauer)

8th World Wide Video Festival
Den Haag, Kijkhuis
(NL, 9 September-16 September 1989, curated by Tom Van Vliet)