When You Whistle, It Makes Air Come Out, 2019

This cinematic installation, which includes the sound of breathing, is inspired by a chapter from The Child’s Conception of Physical Causality (1927), a book by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, which is filled with creative experimental ideas for probing into the most sophisticated ways of thinking in children of various ages.

Ana Torfs was especially interested in the section that deals with children’s precausal explanations of the origins of wind and of breath. The answers they give to questions as: ‘Where does the wind come from’, ‘What happens when you blow’, ‘Why does one breath’, ‘Where does the air in your mouth come from’ are innocent and surprising. Torfs shows their responses on the strips of an old light box, like you used to see on the facade of movie theaters. The film is edited to the rhythm of the artist’s respiration.

You can watch the whole work here.

HD projection (16:9) custom made wooden screen on a tripod, colour, sound, loudspeaker on a tripod, 7’30”, loop

This work can be shown as a diptych with The Shadow is Black and in the Darkness It Can’t Show, on the rearside of the same freestanding screen. When this work is presented without its counterpart, it should be shown on a 55 inch thin bezel led screen, on a tripod.

Produced by vzw NN